GD101S for White Appiance  is 40% off  for
SPI VFD display set + power driver ecoVFD
IC + demo code only $3.X , bright- 2500CD
outperforms  LCM and OLED module !
GD162M for 16*2  AI speaker  is 40% off
for SPI VFD display set + power driver
ecoVFD IC + demo code , bigger, bright-
700CD outperforms LCM and OLED
module !
Transformer-like isolated IC solution, Thinnest, smallest form factor VFD
Double High Efficiency GD102M - 0.15W
Low Cost, High Reliability,Green & longer life with High temperature, Humidity
應用於IoT,智慧電表,智慧家庭ECHO HOME,醫療,工控,軍規,家電,車載,手持,遊戲機,機
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GDC won the government subsidy for Innovation 2016

參展訊息 Exhibition
國際電腦展CEATEC 2017
展覽日期:102- 10月6日
HKTDC  2018
展覽期:413- 4月16
綠科科技 GreenDSN
EcoVFD應用於- IoT,智慧電表SmartMeter,     智慧家庭 ECHO,醫療Medical,工控Industrial Control,軍規Millitary, 家電White Appliance,車載Car Load,手持Hand held, 遊戲機Game,機上盒STB, 電子煙E-Cig.  小尺寸螢幕
ecoVFD display IC and set for AI speaker display, smart HOME,  medical instrument, Industrial Controller, car media player, PoS, white appliance, smart meter, e-Cigarette , handheld instrument,  FINTECH card reader,  ticket machine, charger station  display
25年國際大廠設計經驗及通過6-SIGMA DFM設計認證,專注於節能IC及系統設計
   Welcome to our website
GreenDsn is a professional fabless
IC/System design company
headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. As a
leading company in Taiwan’s technology
industry, GreenDsn is devoted to
creating value and to lead the way for
green product.                                        
GreenDsn’s key to cutting edge
technology is Innovation, Uniqness,
Difference. Nearly 25 years of strength
developed in the analog IC and system
allows us bring an IC, system, customer-
oriented team together.EcoVFD provides
IC for VFD AC floating power.
.ecoVFD是市面上唯一取 代電源變壓器的IC,使得ecoVFD模組比背光液晶模組還也更  節能環保     

in washing machine application
Air Conditioner Display
with GD101M
Double viewing distance , High brighteness, Low power consumption, robust in humid and high temperature environment with thiner EcoVFD module for low cost A.C. and  industrial applications.
Alexa, Home, Siri, Cortana AI display products
Blood Pressure Meter
Compared to LCM ,above. ecoVFD wi better readability for elders         
. Farther viewing distance      
. Good viewing in daytime and night-time
Highly Accerlated 
Life Test - HALT:

5,000,000 power ON/OFF cycles stress test with extra 10% over voltage

DUT highly stresses test with extra 15% over temperature and over voltage  for industrial applications.
PoS VFM - GD202M

.High Reliability
.Big Screen
.Chinese font     support.
.Most energy efficiency
. No angle viewing
. Double viewing Distance
GDC’s SOC all solid state, save 50% power. Chip in Glass for high integration
* only 3.3@60mA
.Support Standby
.7 times as bright as LCM
.No angle issue

Traditional VFD Power module in google STB with pricy customized X'former
MicroOven for Whirlpool

*Pass EnergyStar
0.5W in standby

.High Reliability
.Working@high    temperature
.Most energy efficiency
ecoVFD in  air condtioner application responds quickly for animation, but also vivid color, high readability , high durability and high contrast suitable for white appliance, charger station, AI speaker, FINTECH card reader,  smart meter and humid environment.
with ecoVFD display
.High Reliability
.Best Readability
.Long life
.Well in thermal and humid harsh environment where LCD and OLED can not endure
.Industrial Class
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